Finding Answers

Finding Answers

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¿Qué es Finding Answers?

Oscar Martínez frente a un micrófono sujetando su guitarra

The Project

FINDING ANSWERS is a musical project created by Oscar Martinez. Originally from Barcelona, Óscar, who began his relationship with music at the age of fifteen, always sought to make his own music as a singer-songwriter. It wasn’t until he was 25 that he picked up a guitar for the first time. Now 35 years old, he has established himself as a singer-songwriter, composer and singer within the Barcelona live music circuit.

In 2013 he began to compose some of his own songs with very personal and heartfelt lyrics as a result of going through various personal situations and the “Finding Answers” project began to mature, which he started alone in early 2015 on the stage of the Hard Rock Café in Barcelona . After several years presenting his music in subway cars, squares, bars and concert halls in the city, he managed to make a name for himself in the Barcelona music scene.

But, what the heck is Finding Answers?

“Finding Answers” is a musical project, based on the idea of mixing current pop with singer-songwriter’s folk. A staging of feelings, unconventional topics and questions, many questions. What moves the project is to create songs that convey what Oscar feels from the heart. But in turn they are rhythmic songs that lead you to swing your head, dance and get excited. Voice melodies that will accompany you along the morning following the concert and lyrics with which you will feel identified.


Throughout these five and a half years, many musicians, artists, coaches, producers and sound technicians have joined in, which have pushed Oscar to continue fighting for this dream. 

Bryan Curtis, Liam Cloud, Pablo CandiaGabi ArguimbauRay PassadaIsolda Barba, David Sánchez, Fran Pogo, Mireia Fonoll, Kaku.


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Styles that define Finding Answers 

Rock, Pop, Indie and Folk. Although you can judge for yourself if you see my youtube channel. 

Finding Answers is currently in the top 10 in Barcelona and nationally on ReverbNation.


You can buy my music through Bandcamp


Vetusta Morla, A Perfect Circle, Mad At Gravity among many, many others.


You can contact me through our social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and by email through the address [email protected]
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